[May 11th] Full-stack Foreigner Package (3 months)

Let’s learn to code in English in Korea, Seoul!

You can become an entry-level software programmer with 3 months of education and training. Learn the skills that can make your ideas a reality!

We also provide an accommodation arrangement service, Korean language courses, and cultural events for you to ensure your best experience in Korea!

And, we selectively provide internship opportunities so that you can successfully take your first step as a professional programmer!

Starts May 11th | 12 week course
– Mon~Fri 10:00am ~ 4:00pm (total 60 classes)

▶︎We provide you: (* is optional)

1. Full-Stack Intensive Course

2. Korean courses*

3. Cultural events*

4. Accommodation arrangements*

5. Airport pick-up service*

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[May 11th] Frontend Web Dev Nights – Lv.1 (Beginner)

This is a recommended course especially for first time programmers. Whether you want to introduce your product online, or sell the website as a product itself, this is the course where everything starts! Also a suitable course for people who are seeking career change, but still employed elsewhere, or can’t make the time in the afternoons. Or if you’re simply trying to learn something interesting, you are on the right page!

Starts May 11th | 8 week Course
– Mon/Wed  7:30~10pm (Total 16 Classes)
₩ 900,000 (40 hours for 2 months)
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– wcoding_수업 커리큘럼 (Cirriculum)


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[Apr. 7th] Python Nights – Lv.1 (Beginner)

If you’re interested in such fields as Big Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence, you are on the right page. Backend Development may not be as visual as frontend development, and may require a bit more math and statistical talent, but nevertheless is a sweet place to be as a programmer.

Starts Apr. 7th | 8 week Course
– Tue/Thu 7:30~10pm (Total 16 Classes)

– ₩900,000 (40 hours for 2 months)
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{w}coding curriculum


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[2020년1/13 개강] 웹 개발 집중반 – 3개월

3개월의 집중 교육과 2개월 동안의 그룹 프로젝트 이후에는 당신도 소프트웨어 프로그래머로 취직할 수 있습니다. 총 3개월의 교육과 2개월간의 프로젝트 훈련 후에는 선별적으로 인턴쉽 기회도 제공됩니다. 백엔드 개발과 프런트엔드 개발 모두 다루는 ‘웹개발 집중반’. 유능한 풀스텍 개발자로의 새로운 출발을 더블유 코딩이 책임지겠습니다.

1월 13 일 개강 | 총 12주 과정
– 월~금 10:00am ~ 4:00pm (총 60회 수업)

수강료: 총 4,900 USD (월 100시간 수업)

전화 상담: 02-501-6064
온라인 상담 신청

{w}coding curriculum


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