[May 11th] Full-stack Foreigner Package (3 months)

Let’s learn to code in English in Korea, Seoul!

You can become an entry-level software programmer with 3 months of education and training. Learn the skills that can make your ideas a reality!

We also provide an accommodation arrangement service, Korean language courses, and cultural events for you to ensure your best experience in Korea!

And, we selectively provide internship opportunities so that you can successfully take your first step as a professional programmer!

Starts May 11th | 12 week course
– Mon~Fri 10:00am ~ 4:00pm (total 60 classes)

▶︎We provide you: (* is optional)

1. Full-Stack Intensive Course

2. Korean courses*

3. Cultural events*

4. Accommodation arrangements*

5. Airport pick-up service*

Online Course Registration
{w}coding curriculum

Price List

※ Registration before 2020/ 04/ 13 deserves 100% discount of the registration fee!

All price in USD

Coding courses are core courses; Korean courses, culture events, Housing, and other services are optional, you can decide the combination you want!

The Korean language course is an optional elective that focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our 3-month language course covers an entire TOPIK level (Lv.1~Lv.6).

Cultural events are not an official group activity nor an official part of our education program. However, for the students who are interested in attending such cultural events, we will help them make the arrangements with our partner travel agencies.

Tuition of coding courses, Tuition of Korean language courses & Korean book fees (If you choose Korean courses), Airport pick-up service (If you choose it), One-time accommodation placement fee & First-month accommodation rent & One-time cleaning fee (If you choose housing), and International transfer fee (in the case of overseas remittance)

Our courses last for 82 days in total (5/11 – 7/31), and the Korean travel VISA period is only 90 days in total. We strongly suggest students come to Korea around 5/4 – 5/8, and students should calculate and arrange the period staying in Korea no more than 90 days.

Refund Policy: W Coding Inc. is an officially enlisted education center recognized by the Korean Department of Education. Refund regulations are as follows: 100% refund before course starts. 75% of tuition refund before the end of the first week of class, and tuition is non-refundable once the second week of the course has commenced. (Applying to coding courses and Korean courses)

Korean language course only open when more than 3 students, if the enrollment of Korean language course is not more than 3, the Korean course will be canceled, and we will give you 100% refund when you are in Korea.

Full-stack Intensive Course

🔎 Click the link for detail 👉🏻Full-Stack Intensive Course

⭐You’ll learn (Coding course will be taught in English)
– HTML, CSS, the two basics of any Web Programming.
– The basics of JavaScript (Frontend) and PHP (Backend).
– Various Libraries and Frameworks related to JS, PHP, and Data Management, Project-Based Classes, Git, and Real Life Work Environment Experience.

What: Full-stack Intensive Course (3-month course, total 60 classes)
When: Starts from May 11, 2020 ~ July 31, 2020 (Mon.- Fri. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM)
Where: 5F, 563-21, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Won building)
📍Google maps

🕑A day in the Intensive Class (Mon.- Fri. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM)
10:00 ~ 12:45 Coding Session 1
12:45 ~ 13:45 Lunch Break
13:45 ~ 16:00 Coding Session 2

📕Coding Course Level Chart

Korean Language Courses

✔️The Korean language courses focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing.
✔️Our 3-month language course covers one TOPIK level
👉🏻Introduction of TOPIK
✔️We provide you with 6 levels, you can choose to study one level during your stay here
✔️The textbook material would be  Sogang University Korean Book (2 books per level).
✔️Starts from May 13 (Wed); 1 level for 3-month (12 weeks)

What: Korean Language Courses (3-month course, total 12 classes)
When: Twice per week 7:15 PM – 9:15 PM
Where: Wcoding (Gangnam, Seoul)

🕑A day in the Korean Class (Twice per week 19:15 – 21:15)
19:15 ~ 20:15  First Class
20:15 ~ 20:25 Break Time
20:25~ 21:15 Second Class

📕Korean Language Course Level Chart

📖Korean Text Books (Sogang Univ. Lv1~Lv.6, 1 level 2 books A&B)

👉🏻Sogang University Korean Textbook Detailed Description


✔️Mini studio with private bathroom, public kitchen
✔️Price range 600 USD per month ✔️5-min walk to {w}coding

※WIFI, Shelves, Washing Machine, Closet, Bed (Quilt, Pillow, Bed Sheet are not included), Desk, Fridge, TV, AC, Heating System are included, without additional charge

There are some rooms with/ without outside facing windows, tell us your request during the registration period, and we will arrange you to the room based on your preference

※Hair Dryer is not included (We suggest you buy it in Korea because the electric tension is 220V in Korea)

Public Space:

※Public Kitchen, Public Clothes Dryer, Free Rice & Some Dishes are included

Social Events

1️⃣ Hangang picnic orientation

2️⃣ Korean BBQ party

3️⃣ Itaewon gathering party

Cultural Events

👉🏻 Cultural Events Detailed Info

🔷Cultural events are not an official group activity nor part of our program. However, for the students who are interested in attending such cultural events, we will help them make the arrangements with our partner travel agencies.

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Registration before 2020/04/13 deserves 100% discount of the registration fee!
‼️We also have early bird discounts available, so contact us for more information!
👉🏻Telephone registration: +82-2-501-6064
👉🏻Online Course Registration

🔎English Inquiries:

Tel: +82-2-501-6064
E-mail: info@wcoding.com
FB messenger/ Instagram DM ➔ search 「wcoding」

🔎More detail for personal questions: 👉🏻FAQ

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