[May 11th] Frontend Web Dev Nights – Lv.1 (Beginner)

This is a recommended course especially for first time programmers. Whether you want to introduce your product online, or sell the website as a product itself, this is the course where everything starts! Also a suitable course for people who are seeking career change, but still employed elsewhere, or can’t make the time in the afternoons. Or if you’re simply trying to learn something interesting, you are on the right page!

Starts May 11th | 8 week Course
– Mon/Wed  7:30~10pm (Total 16 Classes)
₩ 900,000 (40 hours for 2 months)
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– wcoding_수업 커리큘럼 (Cirriculum)


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[Apr. 7th] Python Nights – Lv.1 (Beginner)

If you’re interested in such fields as Big Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence, you are on the right page. Backend Development may not be as visual as frontend development, and may require a bit more math and statistical talent, but nevertheless is a sweet place to be as a programmer.

Starts Apr. 7th | 8 week Course
– Tue/Thu 7:30~10pm (Total 16 Classes)

– ₩900,000 (40 hours for 2 months)
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